We offer experience in multiple contract styles to suit any client’s needs.

  • General Contracting– CPM is responsible for all the contracts with the sub/suppliers.

Lump Sum: One price for the entire project.
Cost Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP): [Project Costs+CPM fee = GMP] When we manage the project to be less than the GMP you keep the savings.

  • Construction Manager

as Adviser (CMa) – Owner is responsible for the contracts with the sub/suppliers. This type of contract allows for the CMa to act  as a high level consultant free from monetary conflict of interest related to judgement of the actual labor and materials. Owner is in total control of the project dollars.
as Constructor (CMc) – CMc is responsible for the contracts with sub/suppliers and also offers services as construction manager. Pre-construction services are included at a fee along with a Cost Plus/GMP.

  • Design-Build – One contract with CPM. CPM then has contracts with the engineers, architects and sub/suppliers.

-This process has positives and negatives. It can be beneficial as construction can start while design is still ongoing. But this is risky as there could be delays requiring more project management costs. There are also less competing parties with the Owner’s best interest in mind (everyone works for CPM).