Partnering Process

CPM offers a three stage OPEN BOOK pricing and scheduling process that is effective and unique.

  • NO WASTED TIME: We determine the definite “No’s” of a project from schematic design and concepts to spending our attention productively.
  • COMPLETE PROJECT COST: We help incorporate more than just the construction costs. Including other soft cost such as equipment, municipal requirements, decorations, ect. YOUR ENTIRE BUDGET IS IMPORTANT.
  • COST EFFECTIVE DESIGNS: We can select or help select architects/engineers that have the right experience, but are also economical.
  • VALUE ENGINEERING: We have accumulated countless cost saving techniques and ideas that help efficiently use the money while still obtaining an amazing product.

This process is a team effort that holds the owner, architect and CPM accountable to a schedule to ensure the project stays on track.

Open Book pricing means it’s all on the table. We will work as a team to make sure you get quality work at the best price possible.